A Baby's Cry

A Baby's Cry

O goodness,,, Being a mother is so exciting and wonderful experience but at the same time it is back-breaking too....

        A mother's love is unlike any other and a one-of-a-kind relationship  can never be compared.

         Being a new mom is not a easy task. You haven't experienced such a situation before. Most importantly, babies cry. It is such a fussy thing to tackle...

          The wisdom you gain from motherhood is worth sharing. Read along hopefully it helps you to deal tots little problems effortlessly

          BABY CRIES
Crying is the infant 's first way to communicate with mother. Study says most of the new buds cry almost 2 hours a day... 

       There are three main reasons for crying. It is an alarm of Hunger, Sleep or discomfort (cold hot or wetness)

    Your little ones had a little tummy. During the first 3-4 months of life it needs to feed after a couple of hours. When cutie is hungry it make short low pitched cries it sounds like "NEH" 

      Mother feed is the best food to feed with but If you are feeding through feeding bottles. You might be very watchful for the choice of feeder nipple and other feeding equipment's 



          Always wash your hands and sterilize bottle. For this purpose ROOTS NATURAL products are so helpful to new moms and their new ones too. ROOTS NATURALS FEEDING BOTTLES are made of non toxic glass material. It prevents milk getting smelly. And it also stop reproduction of bacteria.

    Sleep is an important part of everyone's routine , especially infants.

Infants under 1 year need 12 to 16 hours of sleep. Studies have shown kids who regularly get enough sleep have improved attention behavior, learning, memory and overall physical and mental health. 

              Innocent babies often yawn when they fall asleep. Also rub the nose and eyes with the back of your hand. And they lose interest in everything. They neither play nor attract you. These movements of the baby will tell you that the little one wants to sleep.

                 Do not leave small children alone in the room. Try to stay with the baby until he falls asleep. Lullaby him, pat him, make the baby feel that you are with him. This will make the baby sleep soundly. Keep the room lights dim. This will make the baby fall asleep quickly.

  • Discomfort (dampness, cold or heat)
    The third most important reason for crying is because the baby is uncomfortable. First of all, keep the child's clothes according to the weather and environment. If it is cold weather and you put the baby in a heated room with very thick clothes, the baby may feel hot. Similarly, by wearing less clothes in summer, if the baby is in an AC room, he may get cold

Also, the baby cries even when it is wet.

                A baby's body temperature can be assessed by touching its hands and feet. If it feels too hot, lighten the baby's clothes. If the hands and feet are very cold, cover the child and he will calm down. Pay special attention to diaper changes. Change diapers on time. Do not keep it wet.

  • Some other reasons
    Other common causes of crying include stomach gas, diaper rash, earache, mood swings.
  • Gas
    If the child has gas, he pulls his legs towards the stomach. A child can only express his pain by crying, so that is exactly what he does. The best solution for this is cycling while holding the baby's legs and massaging the abdomen with warm oil will help quickly.
  • Diaper Rash
    When the baby cries for no reason, check his diaper once. Somewhere the child is not getting rashes. Before the rash becomes severe, the skin is red. And to express this, the children use their eternal weapon and raise Cain. Rash nil creams etc. should be applied on them at the same time. Baby should be kept without a diaper. Keep dry. And wear loose trousers.
  • Ear pain
    Ear pain is also common in children. The basic reason for this may be carelessness in breastfeeding. If the child has pain in the ear, he repeatedly moves his hand to the ear. When the child is quiet, touch his ear. If the child starts crying, then he surely has ear pain. Have the child see a doctor. Avoid getting the ear wet. While bathing, make sure that water does not enter the ear.
  • Mood swings
    Children are not homogenous. They want something different after a while. In other words, children get bored of things quickly. Due to this disgust, children start crying in protest. If the baby has been lying in one place for a long time, take him to another room in the house. Or if the child is at home for a long time, why not take a walk. If the baby has been with you for a long time, give it to someone else for some time. In short, change the state of the child. This will improve his mood. And your ears will be soothed too.
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