Changes Begin at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Changes Begin at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Changes are part of life. And these changes are very important for life. But if many changes start at once,

Yes, of course … Pregnancy is such a time period that many changes start happening at once. Some of these changes are mental and some are physical. Some changes are pleasant and some are unpleasant. We will inform you about some important changes from these positive and negative changes.

Morning sickness
This is the biggest problem of every pregnant lady. Feeling sick in the morning can ruin your entire day. This problem usually occurs in the first trimester. It is considered one of the first signs of pregnancy. It makes you feel like vomiting. Some women experience severe vomiting. Mostly this problem lasts for the first 3 months but in some rare cases this problem continues till the second and third trimester.

Mood swings
Your hormones fluctuate. And that's why your mood keeps changing. Sometimes you feel happy for no reason. And sometimes cry. You yourself will be surprised and disturbed by your changing mood. You will also get angry with people for no reason. Even sleep has no routine. Some women are very sleepy and some women suffer from insomnia. Apart from this, your choice of food and drink also becomes completely different from before. The things that you used to eat with passion, now you don't want them. Now you will crave some crunchy and unhealthy food. And feeling hungry again and again. But eating just a little bit makes you feel good. This is called pregnancy craving. Try to always have healthy snacks with you.

Skin changes
Your skin also goes through many changes. Every woman has different skin related problems. Some women's skin is very fresh and the color of the face is clear pink and bright, it is called pregnancy glow. Conversely, women whose skin's oil glands produce too much oil develop brown spots on their face known as chiliasm. And some women get acne and mole. Different parts of the body may experience hyperpigmentation. And sometimes rhytids appear on the neck and nose. But not all these changes are permanent. And after having a baby, all these problems disappear. So don't worry. But avoid high oil content.

Some changes in belly
Not only the size of the stomach increases, but many other changes take place in the belly. For example, from the belly button to the pubic bone, a black line is formed, which is called line anegre. Similarly, during the second and third trimesters, the belly button protrudes outwards as the belly increases in size. Like the inner side comes out.

Purple and pink color lines start to appear on the abdomen, breast and thighs. Which are actually fine veins of the skin. Which are becoming clear due to blood circulation. And it also causes itching. Some women feel very itchy. Which leaves marks on their body. These are called stretch marks. These marks are somewhat permanent. To avoid them, it is better to scratch with a soft cloth instead of nails. Apply cocoa butter or any other oil to reduce itching. Dehydration in the body also causes itching.

This is also a big issue. Many of the clothes in your current wardrobe will not fit you. Or your nature and mood will not allow you to wear tight clothes. You will feel more relaxed in loose clothes. Similarly, your chest size will also increase. And the breasts will look firmer and bigger than before. This is because the breast has started to make milky fluid. Also, your shoe size will change. Often women's feet are enlarged. One of the main reasons for this is swelling in the feet and legs. But all these things will also become normal after delivery.

Yes ladies it hurts....

Often women complain of pain in different parts of the body. Even if you don't work much, your body feels tired as if from a lot of work and effort. Apart from this, lower back pain is also common. Leg cramps are also common in most women. Some women also suffer from toothache or earache. Yes, it is quite surprising but it is true that some women get toothache or earache during pregnancy. But all these pains gradually disappear after delivery. Just take good care of your diet.

Constipation is one of a hundred diseases. Which many women have to face during pregnancy. This is because hormones slow down the process of food passing through the stomach. Also, as the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the colon. Which causes constipation. Along with this, some multivitamins also cause constipation. If you develop constipation after taking multivitamins, consult your lady doctor. And ask her to change the medicines. Along with this, increase the consumption of water and green leafy vegetables. To avoid this problem.

Hair and nails
Understand that no part of your body is safe from the changes that occur during pregnancy. Pregnancy affects you from head to toe. Another of these changes is the hair and nails. Most women have very fine hair and nails. Their nails and hair grow faster and they also become shiny. One of the reasons for this can be your good diet and the second is that blood circulation is also faster during pregnancy. But for some women, the opposite is the case. If you are deficient in blood and iron, then your hair and nails become weak and brittle.

Another strange change that happens during pregnancy is the sharpening of your senses. Your sense of smell increases compared to other people. You may also get strange smells from your surroundings. Also, strong perfumes will make you feel weird. In this way, your taste buds also become different. Sometimes the food will taste good to you and sometimes the food will taste absolutely disgusting and tasteless. Along with this, your body temperature also stays high. Pregnant women feel hotter than others and often sweat. This is because your body temperature is high.

A woman goes through many new experiences during these 9 to 10 months. Most of which are unpleasant. But all well ends well, as soon as the baby comes in your lap, you forget all the problems and difficulties of pregnancy. And start a new journey with this beautiful change of your life.

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