Dad: A Son's First Hero, a Daughter's First Love.

Dad: A Son's First Hero, a Daughter's First Love.

Children are not only important for the mother but also very important for the father. Just as we enjoy the feeling of being a mother, the joy of being a father is different. And it's hard to put into words.

As soon as the little guest comes home. Most men do not know what they should do or what their responsibilities are. Because in our society such a wrong concept is presented that the full responsibility of the child is only on the mother and the father's job is only to earn and fulfil the material needs of the children.

But no. Absolutely not... When children belong to both mother and father and both are life partners. So how can raising children be the responsibility of one person? Just as a woman can support her partner in managing household expenses by working outside, men can also fully support a woman in this difficult and new journey. And they do. Offering emotional and physical help allows her to heal, recharge, and become a better mother to baby and partner to you. It certainly makes mothering MUCH easier when mothers feel that they are being taken care of too.

  • Benefits of having a father as a dynamic character
    The fact is that a father's role is key in children's healthy development and successful future. In homes where fathers spend time with children in a positive and dynamic manner, many characteristics develop naturally in children, including the following.

○Children are confident.

○Improves social skills including reading and writing.

○Be able to control themselves, do not create problems for others with their behavior.

○Being more sensitive or caring about the affairs.

○Less likely to get addicted to drugs or other addictions.

○There are fewer victims of mental problems.

○The chances of falling into sexual immorality are reduced.

○Less likely to experience abuse or neglect.

I am a mother of a son and a daughter. Both the babies were born by C section. I am proud that my husband is a perfect man in every way. They have supported me from pregnancy to delivery and later in raising children. That's why I am sharing my personal experience.

Most men want to help their wives. Some of them feel hesitant and some do not know what to do. Today's blog in the name of a loving husband. It has easy answers to many of your questions. Read and act to surprise your wife with your new style.

    The most important thing is the easiest thing to do. Appreciate your partner. Tell her that she is doing a great job and you are proud of her. Because being a mother is not an easy task. It is not a few days work it changes your whole life. Many negative thoughts are already coming in the mind of new moms that they don't know if they are doing well or not, so encourage the wife and not criticize her and dishearten her more. Sometimes bring flowers or any other favorite thing as a gift for her and thank your wife for making your life complete.
    Good food is the weakness of every human being, but it becomes even more important in the period of pregnancy or lactation. She cannot take care of her diet alone. Help her out If you know how to cook. So make some light but healthy food for her. Take her favorite food on her way back from the office. Fresh fruit and fresh juice are always a good option. Eat yourself and feed your soulmate too.
    Women are super excited about their pregnancy and delivery. They have many things to share, many plans and fears all this they want to tell you. So you become a big ear to her. Listen to all her words, listen again and again as often as she tells you. And also give your input.
    Like a mother has many PLANS and DREAMS regarding her child. In the same way, the father has thought a lot. So discuss your thinking with your partner. Tell her what your future plans are. And what do you feel for the upcoming baby?
    A woman's appetite increases while feeding the baby. Because two people are being raised on one stomach. So when your lady is feeding the baby, keep giving her something to eat. Give him a glass of water. Staying hydrated is very important. Feed the baby from the feeder once in a while.
    She may also feel isolated at times, especially when the baby is crying and nothing is working. That usually results in an emotional mother. Mothers do not get enough sleep. That's why they get a little irritable. Small children often wake up at middle of night and then take some time to sleep. Support her during this time. Take the baby in your lap. Swing a baby. Sing a lullaby or whatever song you like. Don't worry kids don't understand your lyrics.
    Bathing a baby is not an easy task. Buy a bath set for Mama's Help. Also, be present with towels and other supplies while bathing Nuno on vacation. Wrap the baby in a towel and take it to the room. It will help her allot.
    Remember that being alone at home with a child all day without a break is an extremely tiring and intense role. After taking care of the baby all day she is very tired emotionally and physically. Give your wife some time to herself on weekends or evenings. She should relax herself as she pleases. Send her for a shopping trip or a parlor. Let her take a long hot shower. Or let her sleep for a while.
    There are many activities to do with the baby, it's just a matter of understanding. Take the baby outside for a walk or a stroller ride. Baby's sleeping time is very important for him, at that time read poems to him, although the baby does not understand, he will start to recognize your voice. It plays an important role in the bonding of the baby and the father. If you have other children, do small chores for them so that mom can take care of the newborn more. Get them ready for school. Help in their school work. There is so much to do, we women are never done with our duties.
    If your pocket allows, hire a permanent maid for household chores. If not, keep it in the first 2 months and last 2 months of pregnancy. If this is not possible, help her in the house toils. If a guest comes to the house, serve them yourself. Help with heavy lifting. Bring your own household goods.

This does not mean that you should take on everything. Or that you disturb or neglect your working life. But be sure to do as many things as you can easily while staying at home. These small acts will awaken great love for you in your partner's heart. This will strengthen your relationship as a life partner and as parents. And both of you will be able to value each other's presence more than ever. You will also realize that being a woman is not an easy task, similarly your wife will also understand your love that you are making time for her despite your tough routine.

Always remember that actions speak louder than words prove your words.

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