Let's Talk About Helping Hands

Let's Talk About Helping Hands

Nowadays, life has become very fast. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, if you are also a mother, you have to do many things in a very short time.

This makes your life very difficult. Because I know being a mother is not easy. But yes it can be simplified to some extent. In today's era where inflation is talking to the sky. To complete the necessities of life, both husband and wife have to run the household expenses together.

Whether you go out and earn or stay at home and take care of your house. In both cases, you have a lot of work pressure. In such a situation, take care of yourself first so that you can take care of everyone else. I have shared some points below based on my experience. Which will make your life much easier.

    Divide your tasks into different times. Set aside time for each task and stick to it. Just as we used to do all the school work according to a timetable in our childhood, make a timetable even now. In it, set daily tasks according to time and need. Believe me, sometimes it becomes very important to treat yourself like a child.
    This is also an important task. You should know which tasks are important to you and which tasks come on 2nd priority. Otherwise, you are taking on many tasks unnecessarily. Organize tasks on a daily-weekly basis. And leave some work to other members of the household. No need to be a one-woman army all the time.
    If you are a working woman, prepare your office clothes at night. To avoid this difficulty in the morning. Similarly, if you are a housewife, prepare your morning routine first. For example, order breakfast items at night. If you want to make something special and laborious in the morning, then do its cutting, etc. at night.
    When the baby is sleeping, complete your important tasks that require more time. For example, laundry or house cleaning and dusting, etc. Apart from this, there are other small tasks that you have left for later. Take a long shower. Get your manicure and pedicure done. Relax. Gossip with friends on the phone. Watch the movie.
    You feel like you have only a limited amount of time with your baby and you want to savor every minute of it. That's great. But if you're too possessive, you're likely to end up doing all the work yourself. In short, don't forget to get your husband in on the game. "The biggest help you can give yourself is to get your baby's father involved in the care and feeding from the start,"
    Many moms feel guilty about choosing to work, even if the family finances mean that staying home is not an option. You worry about everything from shortchanging your child to shortchanging yourself. Remind yourself that in choosing to work, you are providing your child with a life that may be richer in options than if you stayed at home. It's also important to recognize that stay-at-home moms have their own set of challenges. Women who are home with young children often feel more isolated and not as good about themselves, and, are at higher risk for depression.

Now let's talk about products that make a busy mom's life easier. They help complete your work in less time. And most importantly, they are not too expensive. These are low-cost bosses.

    This is a great product. Very useful for the baby both in your presence and absence. Express the milk from the pump and store it for later use. Apart from this, milk can be expressed and fed immediately. Take the help of another member of the house for this task.

    Breastfeeding also has many problems. Sometimes there is no time to take care of them. Both of these things prove to be very good. A nipple protector soothes sore or cracked nipples and prevents them from getting worse. Similarly, the use of nipple pads is also very helpful to avoid leaking breasts during labor. This keeps the nipples dry. And are also protected from decay.

    As the child grows, his nutritional needs also increase. Due to busyness, sometimes children are late for eating and drinking. The best solution is a food pacifier. You can put fruits and vegetables in it by cutting or grating them. And can give it to children without worrying that it will get stuck in the child's throat. It should be started when the baby is 6 months old. This will develop different tastes in the child. And it will continue to receive complete nutrition. A food pacifier can also be used as a baby teether. That means two kills with one arrow.

    The biggest problem for bottle-feeding mothers is keeping the bottle clean and hygienic. That there are no infection-causing germs in them. Use a brush to avoid this. These brushes come as a complete set. This set contains a sponge and a brush for washing the bottle. There is also a small brush to clean the bottle cap. And above all my favorite is the teat brush which helps to clean the nipple hole. It also comes with a nipple-shaped sponge that helps to clean them easily and in less time.


Hope this helps you. Despite all the busyness at home and outside, take some time for yourself. Appreciate yourself. You are perfect in your field. And even if there are not, then it does not matter, it goes up and down a little. One day your children will be proud of you. Mother means strong.

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