Screens and their effects

Screens and their effects

Today's age is the age of technology. Its usefulness cannot be denied. But when anything is overused, then its disadvantages are also high. Mobile phones are indeed becoming a necessity with time but it is also a fact that where it has benefits there are also disadvantages, for example, excessive use of mobile phones is harmful to eyes, etc. The screen has not only enslaved us but our future generation has been completely exposed to it at a very young age. It's harmful to children. The effects are slightly greater than in adults.

Today's children start their day by looking at their mobile phones and going to sleep at night looking at them. It not only affects their physical health but also affects their mental and moral health.

Here are some DISADVANTAGES :

  • Mobile, TV, PC tablet, computer, etc. If any of the devices are turned on in front of a child of six months or less, then the pupils of both eyes of the child should be directly in front of the device. If it is on the side and the child looks at it continuously for one or one and a half hours by twisting his pupils, he may suffer from the squint. Glasses of different numbers )
  • The smartphone screen emits a bright blue light so you can see it even in bright sunlight. This blue light causes changes in the sleep schedule, and it becomes difficult to get good sleep due to a lack of sleep for a long time. The external membrane of the brain becomes weak, which is the process of organizing information.
  • Blue light also can affect the next day's memory.
  • It has proved to be disastrous for the students and makes it difficult for them to study their lessons.
  • According to experts, those children who spend only one to two hours with screens, their ability to think and understand is affected. Due to this, their behavior is badly affected and children suffer from nervous weakness.
  • By sitting in front of a screen all the time, children's physical activity is also reduced. They neither go out nor play any sports that exercise the body. It also has very bad effects on the physical health of children.
  • Due to the ubiquity of the internet, a lot of immoral content is displayed on our screens unwillingly. If left unaddressed, it distorts children's morals.
  • Children who use smartphones spend more time on social media. Due to this, they meet less with their friends and relatives, etc. They become accustomed to loneliness and this loneliness makes them suffer from depression. 
  • Above all, it is a waste of time and harms children 's education.

Dear parents! From the beginning, take special care of your children's health and protect them as much as possible from the use of smartphones, computers, and other devices that weaken their eyesight see an eye specialist from time to time.) also keep children's eyes examined.

Parents also have to reevaluate their habits and traits. Because the habits will be in the parents, the child will automatically have the same habits.

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