Shopping Guide for New Mothers

Shopping Guide for New Mothers

The most beautiful feeling of becoming a parent can’t be compared to any other feeling. The bliss that blooms with the journey of parenthood touches the seventh sky.

However, there are plenty of responsibilities on parents’ shoulders as soon as they bring their newborn baby home.

Below are some basic guidelines for shopping for kids, hope you find them helpful

  • When should I start shopping?

You can start shopping as soon as you receive the good news. But most of the mothers postpone it till 4 to 5 months. This allows you to find out the gender of the baby from the doctor and shop accordingly.

  • When to stop shopping?

It is entirely up to you when you consider your shopping complete. It also depends on your budget and shopping list. The basic needs of the newborn should be bought first and the things that the baby will need later should be left for later.

  • What should be considered while shopping?

When shopping for a newborn, make sure to buy at least size 0 items۔ The first few months of life were a period of rapid growth. Baby's clothes soon become too small or too tight. I think one should not buy very expensive things for a baby because it doesn't use for long. When shopping for babies, it's also important to buy gender-neutral colors that aren't specific to boys or girls because newborn items don't damage quickly, so they can come in handy for a later baby or you can pass them on to someone. You can also make a gift or donate.

  • Season when your child will be born.

This is also an important point in shopping. Shopping is according to the weather. By finding out the due date from the doctor, you can estimate what the weather will be like after the birth of the child. In other words..don't buy that adorable 3 months swimming suit that is on sale if your baby will be 9 months old next summer :)

Getting your home ready for a new member means that you will need to make a checklist and do some basic shopping.

  1. Milk bottles and Pacifiers
  2. Diapers
  3. Baby bag
  4. Wet wipes
  5. Muslin or square towels
  6. Skin care kit
  7. A mosquito net
  8. Bath seat
  9. Swaddle towels
  10. Bassinet, Crib, Cradle
  11. Feeding pillow
  • Milk bottles and Pacifier

It doesn't matter whether a baby is breastfed or bottle fed, a feeding bottle and a pacifier are essential for every baby. Especially if you have had a C-section, you may be able to sit up more on your own for the first two days. And the newborn needs to be fed every two hours, so milk can be easily pumped from the breast pump and fed from the feeder. And pacifiers help keep babies calm by distracting them from constant crying.

  • Diapers

Phew, this is a very important need, so important that you lie. But new moms take some time to find the right brand and the right size. So avoid buying too many diapers at once, Just buy a good quality pack of 0-size diapers. Over time it may need to be replaced, and with the wrong diaper baby may have a rash, which is a separate and bigger problem.

  • Baby Bag

It is always needed. This bag helps to keep all the baby's small things in one place. And if you are traveling, you can easily carry one with you. This bag will solve many of your problems.

  • Feeding pillow.

Feeding babies is also a challenge for new mothers. A newborn baby cannot be fed lying down. Whether the baby is breastfed or bottle fed, the baby should be fed by holding the baby in the lap every time. For this, the feeding pillow is very easy. The baby can be fed lying down. But general pillows can also be used for this task۔

For the hygiene of babies, it is important to clean them after every feed. Similarly, after each diaper change, their sensitive bums should be cleaned well. It cannot be washed with water every time. The easy solution is wet tissues. They are bacteria-free without harming the delicate skin of babies. Breastfeeding mothers should also clean themselves with a wipe before each feed to prevent milk sweat and germs from entering the baby.

  • Muslin or square towels

In the first few months after birth, the baby spit milk. To avoid this, it is necessary to burp the baby on the shoulder after feeding. Small towels are fine to keep yourself and also their clothes from getting dirty. You can put them around your neck as a bib while feeding or over your shoulder when the baby burps.

  • Skin Care Kit

No matter the season, skin care for children is essential in every season. Newborn skin is 10 times more delicate than our skin. Therefore, one should buy good baby products for them. Lotion, powder, massage oil, rash cream, digital thermometer, nail clipper, Vaseline, and dropper for medicine intake must be kept.

  • A Mosquito net or Mosquito repellent.

This is also an important requirement for a child's peaceful sleep. This will not only keep mosquitoes away from the baby but also protect the baby from the direct air of fans and air conditioners. Buy a medium size rather than a very small one. If you are sleeping with the baby in the bed with you, a mosquito net can also be placed around the entire bed.

  • Bath Seat.

It is not advisable for new mothers to move their bodies too much. But taking care of the hygiene of the baby, it is also very important to bathe them. For this task, the baby bath set is very useful and easy to use. It can be easily placed in the wash basin or in the bathtub and bathed with the baby lying on it

  • Swaddle towels

After 9 months in the womb babies like being Swaddle or bundle up. They feel secure and comfortable like this.

A few fleece or cotton sheets can do the job very easily. Wrap the baby in it, it feels like a mother's lap and you can easily go about your daily activities by laying him down. Take 3 to 4 Swaddle towels. should be for ease of use۔

  • Bassinet, Crib, Cradle.

These are different types of beds you can buy according to your convenience and budget.

This is a small basket-like bed with a net around it. You can easily move it from one place to another but it is used for very young babies ie 3 to 4 months old babies.

It is more practical than a bassinet in that it can sleep a baby up to 3 to 4 years of age. It is available in both wooden and metal materials and is more durable and safe, but due to its weight, it is a bit difficult to move it from one place to another.

It is about the medium size of a crib or bassinet. It is a type of swing that is available in both manual and electronic modes, it can be used to swing the baby can easily fall asleep But cradle do not come with any bedding which means that purchase bed separately.

  • Summer wardrobe.

Open and airy clothes should be taken for children in summer. So that lying in one place does not cause excessive sweating and the body is protected from rash. Cotton clothes are better in summer. After birth, the baby's body temperature is high and it is not good to expose it directly to the air, so cotton socks, gloves, and hats are important, which not only protect the baby from the direct air but also protect it from the sun.

  • Winter wardrobe

More caution is needed in winter than in summer as children catch cold faster than adults. A baby blanket or baby cover is the best choice to keep the baby warm. Apart from this, body warmers and leggings are also important. Woolen socks, gloves, and a cap should also be taken. Winter clothes should be bigger than summer clothes. Because the clothes should not be tight due to the inner-wear.



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