Stay Active Stay Healthy

Stay Active Stay Healthy

Most parents are very concerned about the education and nutrition of their children, for them, it is very important to be physically healthy along with education for a successful career. But most parents are so sensitive and watchful about the health of their children that they don't even let them go out of the house to play. According to them, by doing this, children can be kept away from the polluted air outside, but on the contrary, children are deprived of many healthy physical activities. Just as a balanced diet is important for staying healthy and fit, so is physical activity.

    Exercising right from childhood helps in the basic development of children. But in our age of mobiles and laptops, the focus on sports is getting less and less. Due to this, the diseases of children are increasing. Sports and other activities among children are now negligible. Exercise is very important for strong muscles, healthy and disease-free life
  • Why is physical activity important?
    According to Jessica Mathews, spokesperson of the American Council on Exercises, children between the ages of 6 and 17 should participate in at least 1 hour of physical exercise or physical activity every day, while the American Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Program. Carly Brixton, senior manager of Not only healthy food but also healthy physical activity is important. That's why it is said that children should be accustomed to outdoor activities, in this way their mental and physical ability increases.

Parents should reduce the indoor activities of the child and encourage outdoor activities. We are going to mention some such outdoor activities that can keep your child healthy and fit.

These are exercises that you can teach them while playing.

    Judo karate is a sport that not only teaches children self-defense but also makes them healthy and agile. Through this game, the habit of discipline and the substance of patience are created in a person. In developed countries, especially Japan and China, this sport has a special status, and children are trained in this sport from the beginning. Many academies, schools, and martial arts clubs offer judo karate, and martial arts courses for kids, where you can provide your kids with a healthy activity by enrolling them. And self-defense can be learned.
    Whether children are young or old, they should be given not only video games, laptops, and minicomputers, but also toys that make them love outdoor activities like basketball, jumping rope, bouncing house, bicycles, etc. Jumping is very popular with children and the benefits of doing so are that it strengthens your child's muscles, improves knee health, and keeps the child more active.
    It is useful for both children and adults alike. It makes the heart beat faster. If it is done regularly and its duration is increased, it strengthens the heart of children and improves the body's ability to supply oxygen to all cells. Basketball, cycling, swimming, jogging, tennis, and walking are also part of aerobic activities. It plays an important role in maintaining balance, self-confidence, agility, and concentration in children. Children exercise their muscles by jumping, running, swinging, or riding a bicycle, and this way they also get the sunlight they need.
    Jumping is the favorite hobby of children. Teach children different jumping styles as well as provide jumping opportunities. This will strengthen their muscles. Knee health will be boosted and your child will be more active.

Similarly, children love to run but don't stop them from running for fear of falling, doing so will hinder their development. This activity allows children to think logically while using all their physical strength. Tell your child the rules of the game by placing some tires on the ground, where to jump, and where to run.

Provide opportunities for children to exercise in such a way that their bodies do not even realize that they are exercising and get exercise in sports. In this case, jumping rope is the best. Teach children different ways of jumping rope to keep them interested.

    A swing is present in almost every home. The swing itself is nothing less than an exercise for children. Stretching is a great way to stay active. It is better to keep children active through their favorite activities.

For small children, arrange it in your home with the help of a rope and a rod or a tire so that the children can easily hold it and hang it. It is not a difficult task if you do it, it will be very beneficial for your child's physical health.

Most children are fond of painting and sculpture. But some parents keep them away from painting colors and clay for fear of mess. These are positive activities, through which children get both mental and physical training. Set aside a space for your children in the yard or backyard, where they can express their talents as and when they want.

Some benefits of exercise

1) Exercise is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages and genders.

2) It helps fight diseases.

3) Exercise improves a person's life and mood.

4) It gives us the energy that humans need in their daily life.

5) Exercise improves sleep quality.

6) It provides a healthy life by protecting the person from diseases.

7) Exercise helps us maintain weight.

8) It helps in improving memory and health.

9) Exercise protects us from heart diseases.

10) It can also improve the skin.

    Just as you relieve stress on children's homework, make time for them to exercise. According to the research of Tokuba University in Japan and the University of California in the United States, memory is accelerated by 10 minutes of exercise. The results of the study have said that children between the ages of 6 and 8 actively participate in exercise and sports. Compared to other children, they stay away from depression and mental stress.


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