Understanding Baby's Gestures

Understanding Baby's Gestures

Human learning is never complete. Every person learns something every day. And becoming a mother is like a complete rebirth. And in this new birth of yours, you need to learn a lot. Many things you will learn with time. And we will tell you some things.

When a child is born, it is not able to explain itself. He cries to express this difficulty. With time and experience you become able to understand her cries. At first you may think that the baby is crying only because of hunger but gradually you will start to realize that the baby has other needs besides hunger. It is your responsibility to fulfil them.

The baby also starts to tell you what he needs through his movements. When your baby comes into the world, he is able to move a lot right after birth. He will be able to make many sounds, hear voices and try to turn his head towards the voices of others. He will wave his arms when he is excited. Newborn babies enjoy looking at faces. Although his vision will still be limited, he will still be able to perceive light, shapes, patterns and movements.

As you begin to understand your baby's cues that tell you how your baby is feeling and how he wants you to react, you need to be patient. Immediately after birth, whenever your baby is fussy, try to provide as much comfort as possible as this will be an important part of interacting with him. Gradually, as he develops over the next months, he will learn from your behavior that he can depend on you and will grow in confidence at the thought of being with you.

Some of the normal baby signs are mentioned below. The meaning of these signs has been understood and learned by mothers from their own guesses and experiences, hopefully it will be beneficial for you too.

  • I am wearied
    Every child has a different way of expressing themselves. But with a couple of thoughts, you will start to understand its signals. Children are also often tired and need rest sometimes. That is, they want to lie down in a quiet environment for a while. In which no one disturbs them. These are the gestures most children adopt to express this condition.

○Pulls the ears

○ Arms and legs jerk

○ The fists are closed

○ Yawning

○ Keep looking at one thing

○ Fingers suck

  • I am hungry
    Newborn babies also spend a lot of time drinking milk. For the first few weeks, newborns only drink milk on demand, i.e. when they feel hungry. They should drink milk at least eight times a day. If a feed is for twenty minutes, it means that they should drink milk for at least two hours and thirty minutes a day. That means drinking milk is a big part of their daily routine. Hunger cues are fairly easy to understand.

○They make a sucking sound

○They are attracted to you.

○If they are on the lap, they rub their mouths with the breast

○Fingers suck

○Turn the head around

  • My stomach is full
    The second thing that happens after hunger is satiety. Sometimes the child is more hungry, sometimes less. Therefore, when the baby's stomach is full, do not force him to drink more milk. Because the child will drink until it satisfies its hunger.

○Will try to push you to the other side

○If the baby drinks the feeder, it will push the feeder

○Slowing down or stop sucking

○Back stiffens

○Will sleep comfortably۔

  • I want to play
    Even small children love to play. Because they get tired lying down. Children give some such clues to express it

○The child laughs at you

○They are attracted to toys

○Extend your arms towards you

○Their eyes light up

○Hold your feet and shake them.

  • I'm not in the mood
    Like adults, a child's mood also changes. He doesn't want to play with you the same way every day. Or even after playing with the same toy for a long time, the child gets bored. Sometimes a child wants to rest, not necessarily to sleep. But he might be in the mood to rest for a while. Therefore they

○He looks around

○Not attracted to you and toys

○Stares at the ceiling

○ a wriggling movements and kicking

○He will stay away from you and will not be with you.

  • I am sleepy
    Newborn babies sleep a lot. In fact, you do not get enough sleep during this time, but your baby spends almost eighteen hours of the day sleeping. However, children sleep differently than young people. Newborn babies spend only twenty percent of their sleep in deep sleep. The rest of the time they sometimes sleep and sometimes wake up and when you put them down to sleep, they wake up and start crying. Sleep signs are also very simple and easy.



○Sleepy eyes

○Staring in space

○Eyelid twitches

○frowning or looking worried

○Not interested in anything

○Rub their eyes and nose with the back of hand

○Difficulty concentrating۔

These were some common clues. Every child is different and every child's habits are also different. Likes and dislikes are also different from each other. But their daily routine is the same. eat, play, sleep So a little help you will get by reading this column and the rest you are the mother, how can it be that you are unable to understand your child and his needs.

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