We are prisoners of our phones that's why it's called cell phones

We are prisoners of our phones that's why it's called cell phones

There is no doubt that today's age is the age of technology. There are many smart devices in every home. People of all ages seem to overuse it. No one is immune to mobile addiction. We have become slaves to mobile phones and this habit is also born in children because of parents. Parents around the world give their children smart mobiles or computer tablets to pass the time to avoid being disturbed by children while working. Apart from this, they are given smart devices to take out some time for relaxation so that the children are entertained and the parents get time to relax.

Although parents do not have any bad intentions in this, they only think of doing things by taking care of the children, but according to pediatricians, such actions are making children addicted to mobile phones and screens.

At present, in all countries around the world, a large number of young children, in addition to older children, are spending a lot of time with mobile phones in bed before going to sleep, which pediatricians have described as dangerous.

Around the world, parents give their children mobile phones to put them to sleep and children look at mobile phones very closely for 30 to 60 minutes before going to sleep, which is harmful to their health.

  • How do parents notice that their children have become addicted to mobile phones or smart screens?
    In this regard, health experts and pediatricians say that there are some signs and symptoms that clearly show that children have become addicted to mobile phones or smart screens.

According to experts, symptoms include complaints of irritability, difficulty sleeping, seclusion, playing and being away from family, tantrums, and misbehavior or tantrums when mobile phones or screens are not available.

According to health experts, spending time on mobile and other smart screens for a long time in young and old children can have a bad effect on their nervous system, and they are prone to obesity due to hormonal disorders. can also be

Excessive use of smart screens and mobiles is more dangerous for young and young children and their excessive use can lead to irritability, loneliness, hiding and keeping things secret, weight gain, and vision loss. And memory can also be affected.

  • Physical problems
    Mobile phones emit blue light, and continuous use can seriously damage children's eyes. This blue light is harmful radiation, which damages the eyes in many ways. You may notice that your children's eyes are red, they rub their eyes, or they may complain of blurred vision. In the worst case, they can permanently injure the eyes and related problems are very common. This is the first harmful effect of mobile phones on children. In case of any problem related to joints and muscles consult the best and most qualified experts immediately.

Too much text or message typing can lead to tendonitis. This includes nerve and muscle tension. Improperly holding the mobile can lead to pain in the hands, back, and neck. According to a five-year study, excessive cell phone use can lead to musculoskeletal disorders such as tendinitis in the forearm and thumb and first carpometacarpal arthritis, a disorder of the muscles, nerves, joints, cartilage, and spine.

  • Suffering from a disorder
    The latest developments in cell phones have made it easy for young children to access any information. About ninety percent of the content on the Internet is related to nudity and obscenity. Even if children are not actively searching, sometimes inappropriate content will automatically appear on the mobile screen. This can lead them to live in a fantasy world and create false prestige. Some minors may even resort to crime to fulfill their desires.

Many children are clumsy and make mistakes at an early age which leads to depression later on. Because they cannot share them with their family. And to get out of these difficulties, they keep making more mistakes. In many cases, it has been seen that children are blackmailed with something and it has very dangerous consequences. Sometimes the matter reaches suicide. When children are at their learning age, they want to learn something new every day. If checks and balances are not kept then the chances of learning negative things are more than positive.

  • Safe cell phone usage tips for young children
    Just as moderation is important in everything, so caution is needed in the use of mobile phones, just like in eating and drinking or dieting. We all know that it's important to avoid processed foods or sugary drinks, but there's nothing wrong with having a pizza or burger on the weekend. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with scrolling Instagram or playing video games for a short time.

You need to teach your young children about cell phone safety and responsible use. They also need limits on mobile phone usage. Here are some ways to avoid the harmful effects of cell phones on teenagers.

  • Do not keep your mobile in hand at all times. And be bound by it yourself. Nowadays it has become a trend to keep the mobile phone in hand. Avoid it.
  • Explain to the children that a mobile phone is an object of use like other things, do not keep it on the head all the time.
  • Don't indulge in expensive mobile phones for a fun show-off. Keep the lifestyle simple and easy.
  • Set a time for children to be screened and stick to it yourself. Mobile is not only harmful to children but also to you.
  • Tell the children about the positive and negative effects of mobile phones. Talk to them. Befriend children. Reassure children that you trust them.
  • Make children feel that you are always there to listen and understand their hearts. So that he does not seek temporary support in the outside world
  • Resist the urge to immediately reply to messages and share every detail of your life on social media.

According to experts, you should not look at the mobile phone for more than thirty minutes continuously.

  • Keep the phone away from your body.
  • When the signal is weak, do not use a mobile phone, if you have to, use it as little as possible.
  • Do not keep the phone near your bed while sleeping.
  • Minimize video or audio streaming on mobile phones or download or upload large files.
  • Use the mobile phone on the left ear instead of the right ear.
  • Children should not use the phone close to their eyes or lie down.

Keep the phone's brightness low.
Have your children spend some time each day in physical activity such as running, playing, or walking. Encourage them to put their cell phones away while doing such activities.

  • If you want to keep your kids safe on the internet, you can install and download parental apps to track your kids' online activities. This app enables you to monitor calls, text messages, websites, photos, chat apps, etc.
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